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Proud Member of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Greg Angello of 13th Floor Commercial Advisors – Costello Commercial.

Before getting into the real estate game, Angello, who is originally from Michigan, enjoyed working for two different law firms beginning in 1994 over a span of twenty years, most of which in the role of legal administrator. Yet for Greg, real estate – and venturing out on his own as an entrepreneur – was always in the back of his mind.

“I read a number of books growing up about being an entrepreneur,” says Angello, whose understanding of contract law gave him a natural familiarity in the world of real estate.  “I know that real estate has always been a strong portfolio for wealth building. I really wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he continues.  “I wanted to be in control of where I wanted to go, and I felt that real estate was the avenue to get me there.”

Holding a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, Angello went ahead to chase real estate. In 2014, Angello received his Michigan real estate license. He practiced primarily residential real estate, helping people buy and sell homes. 

Meanwhile, Angello’s family began a slow migration to the South. In 2017, his wife’s sister and her husband moved to North Carolina from Michigan and settled in Gastonia. Not soon after, Angello’s mother-in-law followed; in fact, he later sold her house making the way for her to move to the Charlotte area in the spring of 2018.

When Angello’s wife floated the idea of moving to NC themselves, Angello was impressed by the growth, quality of life, and the weather in the Charlotte area. Then in September of 2018, he received his North Carolina real estate broker’s license, paving the way to NC. At the end of November, he, with his wife Valerie and their son Isaac, who was three at the time, arrived in Mint Hill.

“It’s got a nice ‘home-town’ feeling to it,” says Greg of the town he now considers home.  “It’s quiet, very friendly, a very caring community. We love downtown; we enjoy the solo practitioners that are in Mint Hill. It’s kind of like a family.”

While in NC, Angello began to consider taking his real estate career in a broader direction. “Even before I left Michigan, I had a number of clients I was working with who were looking at doing commercial deals,” says Angello.  In June of 2019, Angello received his South Carolina real estate license, and in October 2019, he transitioned from Costello Real Estate and Investments to 13th Floor Commercial Advisors – Costello Commercial, solely doing commercial real estate.

With his business and legal backgrounds, Angello finds that commercial real estate is the perfect fit.  “I really enjoy the fact that we’re able to help business owners get into a space that they want to be in,” says Angello.  “I think a lot of times it can be frustrating for individuals to find the right location for their business, but I love the challenge.  I love the opportunity to help an actual business grow and expand and thrive – I was a part of that – that’s how I look at it.”

Angello’s focus is to help business owners, or those looking to start a business, buy or rent the space they need. Whether it’s an office, retail, medical, multi-unit, industrial, or flex, he has the resources to find it and works hard to ensure the client’s experience is as productive and streamlined as possible.

In July of 2019, Angello began hosting a podcast series called “Raised on Real Estate” (www.raisedonrealesate.com). Through interview-based episodes, Greg discusses a wide range of real estate topics and other businesses that directly or indirectly affect real estate.

In addition to being a member of the Chamber, Angello is also a member of the Carolinas Referral Group (South Park Chapter).  You can reach Greg Angello at 704-277-1898 or greg@13thfloorcre.com.

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