Want A More Balanced Smile? Consider An Enameloplasty

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MINT HILL, NC – You might be thinking, “what is an enameloplasty?” This procedure is one of the most simple but impactful ways to transform a person’s smile and confidence. A little bit goes a long way, especially when addressing an uneven smile.

An enameloplasty is a dental procedure that involves smoothing a part of the tooth with the purpose of recontouring and reshaping it. Whether you are a nail biter, a tooth grinder, or just have a small chip in your tooth from trauma, the chipped edges can get worse over time, making the teeth look more jagged. A tooth may also appear bulkier than the other teeth and may need to be smoothed to blend in with the rest of the teeth. Many people who complete braces may also still have an uneven smile. Performing an enameloplasty can round off any uneven edges to level the tooth making everything look uniform. This procedure is quick, easy, and painless. It also does not require anesthetic and no recovery time as a result. This minimally invasive procedure can improve the symmetry of a person’s smile.

Want to be happier with a more uniform smile? Call our office at (704) 486-4189 or visit our website at www.dawsonmoderndentistry.com to schedule an appointment. Our team at Dawson Modern Dentistry will evaluate your needs and create a customized plan to help you get the smile you dreamed of, painlessly. Do you have receding gums? Not sure if they will grow back? Tune in as we discuss this newest topic next week.

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Ashley Dawson
Dr. Ashley Dawson is a general dentist and practice owner of Dawson Modern Dentistry (DMD) located in Mint Hill, NC. Dr. Dawson has taken a different approach to dental visits through the use of technology to ensure a more comfortable and engaging dental experience. The team at DMD is committed to continuing education in order to offer more services to patients while constantly improving the quality of care. Additionally, Dr. Dawson and her team are focused on quality dentistry and lifelong relationships with their patients.