Oral Cancer Screenings: What To Know

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MINT HILL, NC – If detected early, oral cancer can be treated with a much higher success rate. That is why frequent visits to the dentist can help catch oral cancer in its early stages. During a dental checkup exam, an oral cancer screening is typically performed to check for any abnormalities and pre-cancerous growths. Although it can affect anyone, the average age of people diagnosed with oral cancer are around the age of 63 years old and men are more likely to be affected than women.

If these signs below are persistent for more than 2 weeks, it is best to seek medical attention:

  • Sore in mouth or throat
  • Vocal changes
  • Consistent Coughing
  • Numb feeling in the mouth

Over the years, there has also been an increase in oral cancer diagnoses with patients that have no risk factors and can be asymptomatic. Although oral cancer can present in many ways if you notice a sore that does not heal, schedule an appointment to have it evaluated.

If you have not had an oral cancer screening recently or are unsure about a sore that will not heal, please call our office to schedule an exam. During each check-up visit, our team will complete a thorough examination of the oral cavity. Call our office at (704) 486-4189 or visit our website at www.dawsonmoderndentistry.com to schedule an appointment. Do you feel like you’re more prone to cavities? Check out next week’s article as we discuss the cause and what can be done about it.

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