How Can I Fix My Receding Gums?

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CHARLOTTE – It is easy to overlook the health of our mouth when we have a busy schedule and we are content with how everything feels. Although gum recession can be a gradual progression, by the time it is noticed, the damage is done. Like with many things in health, prevention is the key. Once the gums have recessed, they cannot be reversed. However, here are a few options to consider if you have gum recession:

  1. Gum Graft:
    • This procedure can be advantageous in addressing the gum recession by get strategically placing gum tissue in the problem area.
  2. Bone Regeneration:
    • When there is a loss of bone and gum tissue, a bone graft procedure may be indicated. The gums may be reflected to allow the surgeon to clean the area. Then, a bone graft material is placed to build the bone back up.
  3. Desensitizer Medication:
    • A recession can cause severe sensitivity depending on the severity. Although a desensitizer does not address the loss of tissue, it can be painted on the exposed root surface multiple times to immensely reduce the cold symptoms.

Not sure what you should do about your receding gums? Call our office at 704-486-4189 or visit our website at to schedule a consultation. Our team works with a great team of specialists and will work with you to find a solution. Ever wondered why you need a crown after a root canal? Stay tuned for next week’s article as we discuss how the crown after a root canal can save you thousands of dollars.

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