Do I Really Need To Replace A Missing Tooth?

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MINT HILL, NC – Suddenly, your tooth starts to ache while at a dinner party. After taking some medication to ease the discomfort, it’s still bothersome, especially when trying to get a good night’s sleep. You visit the dentist and they explain your two options: save the tooth or extract it. After weighing the pros and cons, you decide to have it pulled because it’s just a back tooth anyway, right?

A missing tooth can have an esthetic and functional impact. In this two-part article, we are going to discuss the impacts of a missing tooth and the available replacement options.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Impacted chewing ability: If you are unable to grind food up properly before it is swallowed, your body may have a harder time breaking it down for proper digestion.
  2. Shifting Teeth and Jaw Pain: It is only a matter of time before the surrounding teeth will start to shift as the space begins to collapse. This caused a change in how you bite and can also affect the jaw joint.
  3. Domino effect: Teeth can be like a sports team. When a team goes onto the field and is down a player, the other players will start to show signs of fatigue sooner because they are trying to compensate for their missing counterparts.

Do you have missing teeth and want to discuss the best replacement options? Give our office a call at (704) 565-9512 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Stay tuned for part two of this series as we discuss tooth replacement options.

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Ashley Dawson
Dr. Ashley Dawson is a general dentist and practice owner of Dawson Modern Dentistry (DMD) located in Mint Hill, NC. Dr. Dawson has taken a different approach to dental visits through the use of technology to ensure a more comfortable and engaging dental experience. The team at DMD is committed to continuing education in order to offer more services to patients while constantly improving the quality of care. Additionally, Dr. Dawson and her team are focused on quality dentistry and lifelong relationships with their patients.