Do I Really Need to Replace a Missing Tooth? Part 2

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There are several factors that are considered when finding the right tooth replacement option. In this article, we will discuss four options, along with some pros and cons:

  1. No treatment
    • Pro: Cost effective in the short-term, but costly in the future as the mouth changes
    • Con: Difficulty with chewing and teeth will begin to shift
  2. Removable dentures: Dentures have hooks (either metal or plastic) that will connect to sturdy teeth surrounding the spaces.
    • Pro: Straightforward process with no downtime
    • Con: Must be removed each night to allow blood circulation to gum tissue, can have poor esthetics
  3. Dental Bridge: A series of dental crowns that are linked together from one anchor tooth to another.
    • Pro: Fastest way to replace missing teeth
    • Con: Will need to alter the state of the anchor teeth to create space for the crowns to cover the entire tooth
  4. Dental Implant: Metal or ceramic post that sits in the bone with a dental crown on top.
    • Pro: Does not need to be removed, will help preserve bone, and has good esthetic outcome
    • Con: Healing can take 3-9 months, a bigger investment

Not sure which route to take when it comes to replacing a tooth? Call our office at 704-486-4189 or visit our website at to schedule a consultation. Our team at Dawson Modern Dentistry is happy to discuss each option with you.  Do you think you grind or clench your teeth? Stay tuned for next week’s topic as we discuss the effects of grinding and how to address it.

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