Digital Dentistry: The Future is Now

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MINT HILL, NC – Technology has made a significant impact on our everyday life and has found its place in dentistry. You may have heard of a digital workflow or an all-digital dental practice, but what does that mean, and how does it impact your dental visits?

Digital dentistry involves the use of computer-assisted technology to aid in diagnosing and performing dental treatments. Digital tools that dentists use include digital x-rays, digital scanners, electronic records and scheduling, intraoral photographs, and much more.

4 Benefits of Digital Dentistry:

  1. More comfortable patient experience
    • No more gooey material to capture an accurate impression
  2. Track changes in gums and teeth over time
    • A digital record of your teeth will help identify preventative treatment to avoid unwanted changes, such as gum recession and tooth wear from grinding
  3. Improved patient education
    • Reviewing digital impressions and photos of the mouth help patients understand the condition of their teeth and gums
  4. Accurate treatment planning
    • From digital smile design to 3D imaging of your jaw, we now have better tools that allow us to make a more accurate diagnosis, leading to better treatment outcomes

At Dawson Modern Dentistry, digital dentistry has allowed us to have a significant impact on our patients’ health. If you are ready to see what digital dentistry can do for you, please give us a call at (704) 565-9512 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment online. Don’t miss next week’s episode as we discuss dry mouth and the best way to manage it.

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Ashley Dawson
Dr. Ashley Dawson is a general dentist and practice owner of Dawson Modern Dentistry (DMD) located in Mint Hill, NC. Dr. Dawson has taken a different approach to dental visits through the use of technology to ensure a more comfortable and engaging dental experience. The team at DMD is committed to continuing education in order to offer more services to patients while constantly improving the quality of care. Additionally, Dr. Dawson and her team are focused on quality dentistry and lifelong relationships with their patients.