Can Smiling Make You Healthier?

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MINT HILL, NC – Some people underestimate the power of a smile. Smiling is not only a powerful gesture that can make someone’s day but can have a significant and positive response within your body. Scientifically, it can lower stress, improve your mood, and impact your immune system. It can even lead to a longer and healthier life. How may you ask? Keep reading to find out how smiling can improve your health, life, and happiness.

The act of smiling creates a chemical reaction in our brains that release hormones called serotonin and dopamine which contribute to our happiness. It can also lower blood pressure and reduce the body’s response to stress. Imagine you are driving and suddenly, someone pulled out in front of you. If your heart is racing with fury, just hold a smile (and breathe)! Notice how quickly your heart rate and stress start to lower? It can also improve your mental health by prompting more positive thoughts. Our thoughts are our reality, right? So, why not smile and think positive thoughts while filtering out the thoughts that are not serving us well? A smile is also a sign of confidence that everyone should experience. If you could smile with confidence, how would that change your life? New job opportunity? Ability to ask one person out? So many opportunities!

If it is time for you to regain your smile and confidence, call our office at (704) 486-4189 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment. We believe that everyone deserves to smile again. The great thing about dentistry today are all the amazing options useful in regaining your oral health and happiness. There is always a solution. Stay tuned as we head into our last week! We will discuss how you can best protect your smile before it is too late.

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Ashley Dawson
Dr. Ashley Dawson is a general dentist and practice owner of Dawson Modern Dentistry (DMD) located in Mint Hill, NC. Dr. Dawson has taken a different approach to dental visits through the use of technology to ensure a more comfortable and engaging dental experience. The team at DMD is committed to continuing education in order to offer more services to patients while constantly improving the quality of care. Additionally, Dr. Dawson and her team are focused on quality dentistry and lifelong relationships with their patients.