Are You At High Risk For Cavities? Part Two

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MINT HILL, NC – Last week, we discussed risk factors for people who are prone to developing cavities. Managing cavities can be challenging. However, here are some tactics that may help you slow down the process of cavity formation:

  • Reduce snacking and drinking throughout the day: Other than water, it is best to eliminate the habit of snacking to prevent an acidic environment in the mouth.
  • Xylimelts: This product can be found in local stores or on Amazon. It is a stick-on saliva stimulator that can be used during the daytime or when sleeping.
  • Salivamax: This supersaturated calcium phosphate solution acts as artificial saliva. If you are restricted to a low sodium diet, consult with your physician before use.
  • Fluoride Products: Fluoride is the key mineral to protect teeth against cavities by shielding the teeth against acidic attacks. Make sure your toothpaste and mouth rinse contains fluoride.
  • Fluoride Trays: It may be beneficial to wear a tray with fluoride paste at nighttime (similar to a bleaching tray). The fluoride will help rebuild weak areas of enamel and can protect other shallow cavities from further cavitation.

If you are prone to developing cavities and want to find out the best way to combat them, call our office at (704) 486-4189 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment. Our team will work with you to find the best treatment options. Next week, we will discuss what it means to be “tongue-tied” and how it can affect your development and overall health.

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Ashley Dawson
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