You’ve Gotta Have A Whole Lot Of This For Success

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CHARLOTTE – Money?  Contacts?  Determination?  Drive?  A “can-do” attitude?

All of the above are helpful but what I’m talking about is a word that means a great deal to so many of us.  It is something that gets us through difficulties, helps keep us positive, and can mean the world, especially in down times.

I’m talking about faith.  But perhaps not the kind you’re thinking of.

I’m a spiritual man and faith that God will help lead and guide me are essential in my life.  Knowing he’ll help me get through any difficult times is paramount in my thinking.  That said, the type of faith I’m talking about is faith in yourself.

Faith and understanding that if you work hard, do the things that are necessary to get ahead in life, that they will come to fruition.  Perhaps not in the timeframe we’d like to see it all happen…as in now…but the faith that your energy, effort, and sheer belief in your plan, process, and actions taken will pay off.

And that’s something else to consider, the “payoff”.  The payoff may not be what you expect…and here’s where the religious or spiritual side may play a role…but it may be what you need to continue going forward, striving, and ultimately setting yourself up for an even bigger payoff.  Happiness.  Joy.  Contentment.

Your life is a gift, and if it’s led by faith that you and your abilities are enough, the payoff is pure joy, happiness, and an ability to make life greater for others.

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