When Endings Equal Beginnings

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CHARLOTTE – It’s once again time to talk about my favorite word.  Perspective.

Whether we’re talking about relationships, playing a sport, or leaving a job, sometimes the end is filled with pain, frustration, and heartache.  You may be the most positive person there is, but these can indeed be challenging times.

However, this is also a time when you can choose to look at this given situation with a different view…fresh eyes, if you will.  Because while it is the end of something, it also marks the beginning.  The beginning of change, the beginning of a new challenge, the beginning of a new opportunity.

It marks a time in your life when you also get to right some wrongs in your mind.  It allows you to step away, see things more clearly for what they were, and perhaps even come to the understanding that this actually may have been a good thing.  I’ve experienced this feeling twice as it pertained to jobs – one that was ended for me and the other I ended – and I have to tell you, if events hadn’t unfolded the way they did, I would not be the person I am today.

That person is somebody who started his own company – something I’ve longed to do – wakes up every morning excited and energized about what the day ahead will bring, and a person who is thankful for the “endings” that occurred.

What “end” have you come to experience?  Can it mark a beginning?  Ahhh, perspective.

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Anthony DeNino
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