THIS Will Change Your Personal and Business Life

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CHARLOTTE – “Practice?  I mean we’re talking about ‘practice'”  Those words were uttered by NBA great, Allen Iverson, when discussing how he felt practice was unnecessary.

While we can debate the merits of his point, “practice” is vitally important when discussing this one combination of actions.  It’s a combination that I PROMISE, will positively impact your personal and business life the instant you put them into action.

I’m talking about the combination of practicing giving and gratitude.

Let’s take a look at each.

Giving, a lot of people will relate to money and giving often to charitable cases.  While money is one form of giving, you can also give your time, your (undivided) attention, or your kind spirit.  You can give to a neighbor by unexpectedly pulling their trash cans up from the curb or you can give your love.  There are simply so many ways to give.

The art of being thankful and practicing gratitude, likewise, comes in many forms.  You can be thankful for the love you receive, can give, and for the friends you have.  You can be thankful for the health you enjoy, even if it’s not as good as some others.  For example, you have eyes that see well enough to read this or ears good enough to hear the words being read to you.

When practicing a life centered around giving and gratitude at home and work, you come to appreciate all that you do have…thus making your personal and professional lives that much better.

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