The Great Separator

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CHARLOTTE – My first column was titled, “It All Begins Here“.  I explained how everything we do begins in the mind, and how it is, “the single most powerful asset you can utilize…”.  

My thoughts about mindset, has not changed.  However, I’ve come to realize how the most successful people…however you may define successful…share a bond.  That bond is the understanding that through it all, they will succeed.

When they are good, they want to be great.  And when they are great, they want to become the best.  When they get knocked down, they get up again, and say, “you are never gonna keep me down” (Admit it, you started singing Tubthumping by Chumbawumba).  They understand their life begins with their thoughts so they make them positive, impactful, and empowering ones.

Do you recognize this to be true or are you more of the thought that life happens to you?  Do you act first, or react to given situations that arise?

I’m not here how to tell you how you should think, however, I’ve found it incredibly beneficial to – before I even set a goal – to understand that I will be successful at it.  Whatever it is, whatever obstacles may come my way, and no matter how much of a challenge it may be.

And here’s the thing…I’m no different than you.  You have the same exact opportunity to think and act in this manner.  Mindset is indeed, the great separator.  The question becomes, will you utilize this powerful tool?

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