Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is As Easy As “AFB”

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CHARLOTTE – We all have them.  They’re like one of those mosquitos that keep buzzing around your head.  You shoe them away but they keep coming back.

Negative thoughts have a way of sticking around.  But do they have to?  What if there was a way that you can overcome negative, self-defeating thoughts in as little as 30 seconds?

I’m speaking about a program I’ve developed called Program AFB.

A is to Acknowledge the thought.  There is no quicker way to disarm the power of negativity than to acknowledge its presence.  Simply by saying something like, “OK, so I’m saying I can’t do this”.  Whatever “this” is, by acknowledging what you’re thinking, you take away the recurring thought.

The “F” is for Flip-it.  By changing one word in your negative thought, you have changed it to a positive one.  For example, changing can’t to can, won’t to will, or don’t to do, you’ve now flipped the switch and put a positive thought in your mind.

The “B”…my favorite…is for Build on The Flip.  Now that you have a positive thought, start filling your mind with reasons why you not only “can” do something, but that you will.  And have fun with it.

Let’s say, for example, you’re working on a home project that you start out thinking something like, “There’s no way I can do this“.

How will you utilize Program AFB?  Drop me a message and let me know.  If you’re having trouble, I’ll gladly walk you through it.

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