It’s Not Going To Knock On Your Door – Unless…

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CHARLOTTE – We all want the finer things in life.  What exactly those things are depend on the individual, though they usually start with a bigger, better home, a nicer car to drive, money…and lots of it…and a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

“That works for me…where do I sign up?”, you may be asking.

While there are always exception, you sign up right next to the line that states, “I’m going to create my opportunities.”.  And the way you create your opportunities is by utilizing these two simple ingredients:  Clarity and Action.

Be clear in your mind as to what it is you really want.  It’s not enough to say I want more of “this” so I can do “that”.  However, when you really key in on the what…versus the when and how…your focus will sharpen and the energy you put toward achieving this goal will become magnified.

Then, and only then, take action.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are happy just imagining these things, I believe that’s wonderful.  However, if you are looking to experience these things in your reality, you must take actionable steps to make your dreams come true.  Thoughts without action will always be just thoughts, but when you take action, you will achieve what you dream about and a lot of times, even more.

Do you want to have opportunity knocking at your door over and over and over again?  Then be clear on what you want and take action!

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