It Really Is The Truth…If You Believe It

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CHARLOTTE – Without limit; boundless;  If you Google, “limitless definition” online, that is what you’ll see.

Aside from the Bradley Cooper movie, what comes to mind when you read the word, limitless?  Do you think of space?  What about numbers (infinity)?  I was doing a training last week, asked this question and the reply I got was, “how much our company can grow.” – Side note:  AWESOME ANSWER.

When was the last time you thought of yourself in this manner?  As a kid?  Have you ever?  As I am big into mindset and knowing that your mind…and the actions that follow…creates your reality, I’d like for you to consider this:  “You are only bound by the limits your mind creates.

Wait“, you may be saying.  “I’m 47 years old, set in my ways and I can only do what I’ve done.”  My reply is, you are correct, but only because you are telling yourself that and not because you cannot change.  And certainly not because you don’t have the ability. Like everything, life and all that we do, begins with your thoughts.  Once you have the proper mindset, then you must take action to make these beautiful thoughts, dreams, and ideas come true.

When coming up with my own definition of limitless, I developed the following:  “Becoming so confident in your abilities to learn, lead, and grow that you come to understand that there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or accomplish.  Nothing!

In everything you do, feel limitless…because you are!

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