In Times of Disappointment, Look For This

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CHARLOTTE – We’ve all encountered them…times in our lives when we feel we have failed.  Though I must say, I don’t believe in failing, just learning.

Disappointment?  Yes.  You didn’t get that big hit in the game.  Maybe it was because that special someone wouldn’t date you.  Perhaps it was for a job promotion or new job you were hoping to land.  Ahh, disappointment.

We could discuss how they probably led to better things in your life (if you let them), but we’re not going there.  What I would like to ask is this.  From the disappointments you’ve experienced in your life, have you grown from them?

As for the examples above, did the outcome lead to you practicing harder, or trusting your instinct on who you wanted to go out with?  Did you do better work or research that new job opportunity more diligently?   Did you take away a lesson from any of these type of events in your life?

We all have things, people, and events in our lives that for one reason or another have led to disappointment.  The trick becomes, accepting the outcome but also, learning from it, growing from it, and being better because of it.

A lot of people feel there is one event that defines who they are in life.  In terms of a positive event, this is possible.  However, I will tell you that you don’t have to let a disappointing occurrence define you.  You can overcome it…learn from it…and grow from it!

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