Celebrate The Goodness

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CHARLOTTE – These have indeed been challenging times.  Between Hurricane Ida, the Afghanistan pullout, and oh yeah, COVID and its Delta variant, these are times when you may just want to throw up your hands in disgust.

And I get it.

But I also get – and would like to point out to you – that there are some tremendously good and uplifting stories as well.  Stories that go either unreported or underreported that are happening all around us. They may happen on the world stage or in your neighborhood, but they are happening.  They are happening consistently.  They are happening daily.  And they are happening to people from all walks of life.

Look, I’m not suggesting we ignore the events that dominate the news coverage (bad news).  In fact, it’s oftentimes that a lot of good comes from difficult stories.  What I am suggesting though, is that we take time to acknowledge the good in our lives.

Take a moment and pause to give thanks.  Call somebody up who has made a difference in your life.  Do something nice for a total stranger – not because you’re going to look like a nice person, but because you just want to be kind.  To feel good, to spread joy, and because you care.

And when the dust settles, celebrate.  When you hear of another good action taken, celebrate.  When you want to inspire somebody, do something nice…then celebrate some more.  Life is short and we owe it to ourselves and others to enjoy it. So…CELEBRATE!

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