Wine tasting Part 1

Are you into Reds, Whites, Rosé or Bubbles? Why do you like them? Is it the flavor, intensity, how they complement your favorite meal?

I know what wines I typically like—however, I also know that I may not always be able to articulate why. I decided to do some research, which led me to Wine Folly—a great resource to learn about the art of wine. I also purchased a tasting journal to log all of the different types of wine I try—and when I opened it I saw things like body, tannins, finish, acidity, and flavor intensity. I thought I couldn’t be the only one who was overwhelmed.  Along came the opportunity to write a series of articles, and I thought this would be a good way to start off.

Each week we can explore a different aspect of wine tasting. Remember, while there are standard terms and particular flavor notes to each wine, many people taste wine differently and what one person likes, the other may not. What tends to be universally true when you discover a really good wine is almost everyone enjoys it!

Let’s start with the first step of looking at the wine. What color is it? How intense is the color? Does it look thin or thick? Color and intensity can tell you the type of wine and how old the wine is (doesn’t mean it’s bad). If it looks thicker when swirled, that can give an indication about the sugars often referred to as “legs”, and the sweetness of it. Now that we looked at wine, next time we smell it and venture into taste.

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Remember “Drink what you like and like what you drink.” – Robert Mondavi