Choosing the Right Wine

How do you choose?
How do you choose?

Is it ever okay to buy wine simply because you like the label? The answer is YES!

The general rule of thumb when choosing wine is to pay attention to the grape varietal and region first but sometimes the label will speak to you so much that you just have to have it! It happens to even the snobbiest of wine aficionados.

Hosting a party can be a fun time to break away from the traditional wine buying rules. If you’re up for the challenge, do some research or ask your local wine shop to help you find a label that works well with your party theme or upcoming holiday. Most shops are happy to place a special order for you. If you’re in doubt on whether your wine choice will be a hit, it’s a good idea to have a second selection on hand that you know will please a crowd.

If you need a reason to host a party this week, Election Day parties are a fun way to get together with friends and cheer or sneer over the results.

Here are a few ideas for fun wine labels to serve at your get together. We chose “Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon” and “The Federalist Zinfandel” for an all American feel to appeal to all political parties.

Another trend is printing your own custom labels. You can DIY from home or there are many websites that will provide design help and send you the final printed product.

Finally, you may or may not be surprised that Donald Trump has a vineyard! How’s that for a specific label for your party? We’ll leave it up to you whether you savor the wine or smash the bottle!

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