Why Your Pictures Are Disappointing You

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Three Pro Secrets that will transform YOUR Photography NOW

The key to a successful image is the ability to communicate your feeling, idea, situation or expression of the image.

How FRUSTRATING it is to take a bunch of pictures and be disappointed in the results! The camera is defaulted to be set on AUTO mode for the average amateur and that will only give you average photos!

There are 3 powerful secrets that will take your images to new heights as well as help you begin to define your own style and your own form of photographic expression.

These secrets rely on the ability to take control of basic external conditions BEFORE you take the pictures. These 3 secrets are strategies that I use every single time I pick up the camera.  These 3 strategies are about what we CAN control within most conditions while we are shooting photographs.

1) The time of day and weather

I find the best times to take pictures are early morning and early evening. The ”golden light” is the beautiful soft light you see just before the sun set. Depending on your subject, many photographers love the overcast days when the sun is hidden. However, in contrast, the bright sunlit sky will make a powerful statement to your landscape photos. I find even rain can make for a unique added detail to a photograph.

2) The position of your camera

When you set out to photograph a subject, what is in the background? A good goal is to keep the distractions out of the scene or to a minimum. Be in the moment and use your awareness to take in your environment

3) The location of the subject

Most people take photos from a standing position. This is the perspective that everyone sees when they look at things. Why not make your image stand out with a new point of view? You can raise or lower your position of the camera to see a different perspective.

The best connection the viewer has to a person, pet, or another breathing thing is to be at EYE LEVEL.

Get in CLOSER to your subject. If you are using a cell phone camera, walk closer to your subject Digital zoom on a cell phone camera will sacrifice pixel resolution.  If you have a DSLR, you can use a telephoto to move in closer (without sacrificing pixels).

Believe it or not, MINDSET is the MOST IMPORTANT part of getting great shots, not the kind of camera you are using. These secret strategies work for all kinds of cameras including cell phone cameras.

While photography is writing or imprinting with light, the approach and flexibility are up to you.

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