Why Didn’t My House Sell the First Time?

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Homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC don’t always sell the first time around. Maybe you listed your home for sale thinking it would sell fast because a neighbor’s home sold quickly or you were told it’s a seller’s market.

No matter the type of market, there are a few very common reasons why homes don’t sell the first time they are listed. Let’s look at a few of the most common reasons why your home may not have sold.

1. The Price

Probably the most common reason homes don’t sell the first time around is the price. If the listing price wasn’t set properly, it may have caused buyers to avoid your home. Since most buyers seek out homes online first, if your home was overpriced, they were likely scared away before asking to see it.

The trick is finding the right price, which depends on your home and the current market. A good real estate agent will help you set the right market price when listing your home for sale in Mint Hill, NC. You can of course always get an appraisal as well.

2. Photography

Since most buyers will start their search online, you need amazing pictures of your home to show off. Each and every room should be included, along with several shots of the outside of the home and any additional features.

Not only do you need plenty of pictures, but your pictures should also be very professional. If you tried to sell your home with only a few pictures, you likely missed out on several potential buyers that overlooked your home online.

3. Not Flexible Enough

Did you let potential buyers see your home on their schedule or did you cancel several showings due to any inconvenience it caused you? Were you open to holding open houses?

If you weren’t flexible, you may have missed out on the right buyer, which caused your home not to sell the first time you listed it. You need to be as flexible as possible and offer showings at any time and any day of the week, if possible.

4. No Staging of ‘odd’ rooms/spaces

A huge mistake sellers make is skipping the staging of ‘odd’ rooms and spaces that are hard to visualize when they are empty. While it’s certainly best to hire a professional stager, even if you go the DIY route, you should stage those spaces before listing pictures and before listing it for sale. Some buyers prefer to see empty homes, others prefer to see furnished homes  – it’s a personal preference. If the furniture is old and dated, then it’s likely best to show an empty, clean home.

5. Absent Real Estate Agent

Not all real estate agents are great at their job. Sometimes, you hire an agent because they make it sound like they are amazing or maybe it was a family member, friend, or referral. No matter the reason, sometimes, your home doesn’t sell the first time because the agent wasn’t really there to help.

An absent real estate agent can make it very hard to get your home sold. You trusted your agent to market the home, show the home, answer phone calls, and get it sold, but they didn’t do their job. Sometimes, a better agent with a sound marketing plan is all you need to get your home sold the second time around.

These five reasons are the most common for a home not selling the first time it’s listed. If your home didn’t sell and you’d like to list it again, consider why it didn’t sell and make an adjustment before listing it for sale again.

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