Where in the World is Phil- Part 6

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On our return to the Dutch side and our ship, everyone cheered for our driver and guide for an excellent day’s outing. Barbara and I were pleased everyone enjoyed our recommendation.

Our next port of call was San Juan. We had been watching, in horror, news reports of earthquake activity in Puerto Rico as recent as 2 days before our arrival. When we docked inSan Juan we were pleased how the tourist folks there were conducting business as usual. There was no damage at all in San Juan. We really enjoyed walking and shopping in Old San Juan. I am very proud of how resilient our neighbors in Puerto Rico are. They just seem to be able to stick together and bounce back from 1 small disaster to another. GOD Bless Puerto Rico. We all had a great time there.

After resting up the next day, we were able to catch the show at the outdoor Aqua Theater. You will not find this on any other cruise line in the industry, so another Kudo for Royal Caribbean. There is an aqua theater on the stern of the ship, overlooking the ocean. The entertainment staff put on an aqua show like no other. From water ballet to tight rope, to high dive, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat. One minute there are ballet performances with the dancers standing in water ankle-deep, and the very next moment someone dives from a tower 75 feet above, right into that same area of the pool. You HAVE to see this show!

We will be back next week with Where in the world is Phil- Part 7

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