You shouldn’t start new social media accounts unless you have to

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Change is inevitable.

However, deleting or closing a social media account to start a brand new one isn’t a good way to deal with change online.

There was a time when social media was new and it was common for people to open and close accounts often, usually just to change their username. This proved problematic for social media platforms like Facebook because of harassment and cyberbullying.

Then with the rise of spam-bots, fake accounts became a real problem.

Now most social media platforms encourage you to use your real name, they don’t allow one email address to be associated with multiple accounts, and they have built in a verification process using your phone.

Luckily, you now have the ability to make changes to accounts easily. You can change display names, usernames and anything else including the email associated with the account in case you get a new email address.

Keeping the same account helps Facebook and other platforms trust that you aren’t fake and can keep you from getting suspended for suspicious activity like commenting on too many photos too fast, when really you just wanted to comment on every photo of your friend’s new baby.

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