Who are you?

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Marketing is all about showcasing what’s best about you and your brand. It’s not about making stuff up, well good marketing isn’t at least.

You can only be who you are, so own it.

Take time to reflect on what keeps your customers and clients coming back and referring you to others. When someone says great things about you, what are they saying?

Those are traits you should capitalize on and showcase. It’s not about bragging or anything like that, but honestly showing people who you are.

If supporting our military and police is important to you, show that by sharing when you do something in support of those communities, either by donating to a cause, participating in an event, or offering a special discount.

If shopping locally is important to you show that by sharing other local businesses that you frequent, engage with them on social media.

Share these kinds of posts on your business social media accounts, not just your personal ones. People want to know they are engaging with a person, not just a company.

Social media is a conversation, if you want your audience to open up to you, then you have to open up to them first. Then you can build meaningful relationships and benefit from the positive impact social media can provide.

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