Veterans Make Our Community A Better Place

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CHARLOTTE – I want to dedicate this column to all of the men and women who have served in our nation’s military.

Thank you Veterans for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for the physical discomforts, the lost sleep, the time away from home, and everything in between.

But I especially want to thank you for what you bring to the community. Military service brings unique experiences and gives a unique outlook. That kind of diversity makes communities stronger.

So often I’ve seen many Veterans feel out of place once they leave the military and think that their differences are a hindrance. But they aren’t, they are a strength.

Veterans, you make our community a better place, not only because you served but because of who you are afterward and what you continue to do for others. Military service is about serving others and putting the needs of the many ahead of your own needs. That kind of selflessness doesn’t go away simply because you separate from the military, it continues and benefits the community.

It might not feel like small things like volunteering at an event, leading an organization, or simply offering someone help at a grocery store makes a difference but it does.

Veterans are an asset, and if you’re a Veteran then you are an asset. Thank you, for being a part of our community, and thank you for your service.

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