The importance of showing compassion

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Social media can often feel like a very negative place. It certainly feels like many people feel empowered to say things they wouldn’t say face to face.

When that negativity focuses on you or your brand, it is hard not to get defensive, but you can’t.

Sometimes you are truly dealing with an online bully or someone who is being a jerk. But more often then many people think, you might be dealing with someone who is simply frustrated or confused and unintentionally taking it out on you.

For that reason, you must always show compassion when someone attacks you or your brand.

Social media is often associated with sales, when in reality it’s much more about advertising and awareness. In recent years though, it is becoming more and more of a medium for customer service.

As a result, many customer complaints or concerns land on on social media. Just like complaints inside a story need to be diffused sometimes, the same is true for those on social media.

It is best to always give a comment or review the benefit of the doubt, if not for the benefit of that person, but for all of the potential customers reading your response.

A little compassion can go a long way.

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