The Great Facebook and Instagram Clean Up

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Did your brand lose a bunch of followers?

Some Facebook pages and Instagram accounts have noticed a large drop in page likes or followers recently.

What’s going on?

Every so often both Facebook and Instagram go through accounts and remove “dead” accounts that are no longer active or may have been hacked.

Recently though the platforms have been going through and removing followers who do not interact with a page or account anymore.

This has resulted in a major loss for some, but it shouldn’t be a concern.

The accounts getting scrubbed (removed) aren’t active accounts anyway, so they likely weren’t seeing your posts and they certainly weren’t interacting with them.

With the inactive accounts removed, there’s a better chance of your engaged followers seeing your content.

A high number of page likes or followers might feel good, but it really is about quantity over quality.  Having an engaged audience who is likely to support your brand is better than having a large one who isn’t.

In an age of being about to buy likes and followers, having a bunch of them doesn’t mean as much as it once did.  The true mark of a great social media presence is engagement.

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