Tell Your Story

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Stories are as old as mankind. We have always passed information down through the generations via storytelling.

Social media is no different, it’s just another way we tell stories. Instagram even has a feature called stories, so does Snapchat and now Facebook does too.

Granted social media is a different form of storytelling, but in the end, that’s what it is. People telling their story, one moment at a time.

The act of telling a story and hearing a story allows our brains to process the information differently, so it sticks in our memories.

We share life’s big moments-engagements, weddings, births, new jobs and new homes, but we also share the little moments too. First day of school, first tooth, trips to the movies, where we’re eating dinner. In a way we have greater insight into our friends and families lives than we ever have before. Distance doesn’t even matter anymore.

That’s what makes social media so great and so powerful, the ability to tell our story and to witness the telling of other stories. It connects us in a way we’ve never been connected before. It’s a beautiful thing.

How are you telling your story on social media?

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