Social Media Management and Taxes

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Tax season is upon us and it’s a stressful time for most people, but especially business owners.

The big questions for many business owners: what can I write off?

It’s a complicated and tricky process determining what’s a write-off and what isn’t and then knowing and remembering to write off everything that qualifies.

Well, I have good news, social media management is a business expense and it can be written off.

Social media is considered advertising, and while having your social presence managed professionally may be expensive, at least it helps a little at tax time. Hopefully, it is also helping with sales as well.

A growing business rarely has a business owner or employee with the time, even if they have the skill, to manage their social presence effectively. So by not having it taken care of professionally, the business is losing out on precious time from key people working in the business and losing the tax write-off at the end of the year.

Any kind of advertising is an investment in a business and the sales produced. Social media is considered advertising, but it’s more than simply traditional advertising, it’s the modern word of mouth. A growing business can’t afford to not be managing their social presence.

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