Plan Ahead In 2021

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CHARLOTTE – The new year is here and most people are planning for the goals they want to achieve and making resolutions, especially after so many were derailed in 2020.

This year, 2021 feels like a fresh start in such a deep way.

If social media marketing is anywhere to be found in your goals or resolutions for 2021, take the time to make a well thought out plan.

Social media is a long game and the space online is now busier and noisier than ever. Simply getting on social media and making a bunch of posts without any forethought or strategy will likely be a waste of your precious time.

Think about your audience now. Consumer behavior has permanently altered as a result of the pandemic, take the time to think about how your customers behave now and what their pain points are now. Perhaps your audience has shifted or changed completely. It is imperative to determine who your current audience is now before trying to post anything online.

Social media has gotten even more conversational in the past year than it was before, be careful about sounding too formal or too much like a sales pitch. People are looking for brands to treat them like people, not customers, especially on social media.

Don’t forget to be authentic, we are all a little different after the experiences of 2020, don’t be afraid to share what your journey has been like too. Your audience will be able to relate and will appreciate the honesty.

Happy New Year!

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