Make a List

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Social media, especially Facebook can be taxing on our mental health.

One way to reduce that is by using the lists feature.

Both Facebook and Twitter have a list feature, but most people spend more time on Facebook and find the list feature most useful there.

What is a list and what does it do?

Lists are like a specialized feed based on whatever you want it to be. Facebook generally curates lists for you based on where you’ve worked, lived, went to school, etc.

You can choose to only see updates from friends who are part of a certain list. You can also choose to only share an update to a certain list of your friends.

This can be helpful when you have information that only pertains to one group and random comments from your high school friends will create confusion.

Lists are also very helpful during election seasons, or when planning surprise birthday parties.

You can easily access your friend lists feature on the desktop version of Facebook, it’s usually listed under the explore section to the left of your newsfeed.

Once you’ve created and begun using lists, you can update them and use them on the Facebook mobile app as well.

Need help started with lists? Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to provide assistance.

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