Less is More

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The internet is a noisy place.

One of the great things about it is anyone can say anything, and one of the not so great things about it is that anyone can say anything. Which results in a lot of people talking at once.

How does anyone stand out in a crowd to be heard? It’s simple really, you have to be different.

Many brands and organizations  try to outdo everyone else by making more noise, trying to be louder, but really they are just blending in.

If you want to be different, you have to do less, but be better.

Think quality over quantity.

Usually when an organization is putting out a ton of content like Facebook posts, it’s not all amazing quality stuff and as a result audiences will start tuning all of their content out because they get tired of seeing less than stellar posts. They will even tune out the good stuff.

Only publish content that is excellent, that will make someone stop and scroll back.

Even if that means not posting as much or only posting once a week.

Less really is more.

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