Keyword alerts now available in groups

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Here’s some great news for anyone who admins a Facebook group: keyword alerts are here!

Facebook group admins can now choose to receive an alert when certain keywords, that they can chose, are used by the group members.

This is helpful for group managers to moderate group discussions to keep them on topic and deal with any issues that may arise.

This is also great for brands using a group to provided added value to their audience and conduct market research as you can be alerted anytime your brand or industry is mentioned.

If your brand hasn’t thought about using Facebook group to offer more to your audience while also learning more about them, I’d highly recommend it.

Groups are a perfect fit for any organization that offers a membership or a VIP type club. They allow you audience to converse and build brand loyalty.

Groups are also treasure troves of market research, customers are more likely to share openly and honestly in a closed group setting allowing marketers to learn their preferences and behaviors.

So rejoice! Keyword alerts will make Facebook even more valuable for brands.

To see if your group has this new feature check the group settings.

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