Keep the Faith

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This week I’d like to just talk to you as a fellow human and share what I hope will be helpful advice.

I haven’t always been a social media manager, and I haven’t always lived here in beautiful North Carolina. I spent the better part of a decade as an Army wife and my first experience as one was being sent to Germany and promptly kissing my husband good-bye as he went off to war.

I was there all alone with two small daughters. I had absolutely no knowledge of Army life and no knowledge of living overseas. I could only call my family at certain times due to the time difference, I was lucky to hear from my husband via chat messages if at all. I’ve never felt more isolated and alone than I did then.

I imagine many are feeling similar now, trapped at home, maybe with children, uncertain about the future, uncertain about their safety. It’s hard space to be in, but yet here we are.

My best advice, take it one day at a time, even one moment at a time, any way you get through this is the right way, there is no wrong way to get through each day. Be kind to yourself, be kind to those around you.

Most importantly keep perspective.

There are people out of work, there are people all alone, but there are people losing loved ones and there are military families indefinitely separated until this is over. The whole world is feeling the effects of this situation. We are alone, but we are also together.

This effort isn’t for nothing. When my husband was deployed, away from training, or even when the military ruined yet another special day for our family I took great comfort in knowing that our sacrifice was contributing to the greater good. Take comfort in that now. Any suffering you are experiencing now is in service to the greater good of us all. The numbers are dropping because of our efforts, keep the faith.

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