I’m voting yes

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When it comes to the public facility bond and the parks and recreation bond, I’m voting yes.


Both bonds will fund projects that will help the community, and more importantly to me, help create shared experiences within the community.

In my line of work, I’m always trying to find the common ties between people, to create that feeling of commonality and community between them.

The best way to bring people together is for them to share experiences.

That’s what ties people to their schoolmates and coworkers. That’s what brings our servicemen and women so close. Shared experience is the fabric of what makes a community.

Both bond projects will create opportunities for people to come together. A cultural and civic center will provide a meeting place for people to gather and also a place to experience art and live performances.

The athletic fields will give our youth more opportunities to come together as sport teams and their parents will get to cheer them on-together.

The baseball stadium will give Mint Hill our own team to cheer for, while also giving us a great venue for town events.

These places will give us all the opportunity to come together and that’s something I believe every community needs more of.

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