How to find content inspiration

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The perpetual social media question is, what should I post?

Even social media managers ask this question, just about every day.

Once a brand has identified its ideal client and identified their pain points, questions, and values, there are still many decisions that go into each post.

What image do you choose? Do you create a graphic? What style should it be? How many words?

Knowing your ideal client helps steer these decisions like should you go for bright, cheery photos with lots of color, or a more classic image with clean lines and a refined color palette? However, there will still be many, many options within those guidelines and truthfully most of those options will be just fine, so how do you choose?

It helps to have an idea before you start looking. Ideas require inspiration and thankfully inspiration can pop up just about anywhere if you’re paying attention.

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for images, videos, and graphics. Use the Instagram feed of your business account as an inspiration feed and follow others in your industry and key hashtags. Follow related industries to keep an eye out for content you could revise to suit your brand.

Usually, though, inspiration comes when we slow down and listen. Make room for plenty of white space in your life and the inspiration will come.

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