Find New Opportunities through Social Media

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Now is the time for businesses to really ramp up social media efforts. Consumer behavior has shifted, so what was once true for your target audience may not be true anymore.

Knowing your audience is more important than ever now. As restrictions for staying home start easing and more people go back to work, it will likely be a while before the majority are going out for more than what’s needed and online shopping options will remain popular.

Engagement, when someone likes, comments, or shares your post is always the goal because that’s how we earn reach without paying for an ad on social media platforms. However, engagement doesn’t just have to be a tactic used to increase reach, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Each like, comment, and share is a chance to learn more about your audience.

Start asking questions on social media, polls are fun options most users love to participate in. Ask them if they prefer online shopping etc. This is not the time to assume you know what your customers want, it’s the time ask.

That goes for what services to offer, virtual rather than in-person perhaps, or no-contact. While these practices just became mainstream due to Coronavirus, some if not many of them are actually now preferred.

You don’t want to miss those opportunities to cater to your customers. Social media is a great way to discover what those opportunities are.

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