Facebook Is Rejecting Ads And Closing Down Pages, How You Can Stay Safe

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CHARLOTTE – Facebook has been having a year and like many of us, I’m not sure they would consider it a great one.

Amidst updates and changes to their business suite of services at a pace I’ve never seen before from the platform, they have also been dealing with spam and predatory content at an unprecedented level this year.

The effort to serve their business customers during a global pandemic has been coupled with an increasingly difficult challenge of shutting down harmful ads, pages, groups, and posts.

Now as tension rises Facebook has been taking strong action to wipe out these bad actors and many business clients are getting caught in the crossfire.

Innocent ads are being rejected, pages are being shut down as well as groups, posts are being deleted and some of this is happening to personal accounts as well.

What can you do if you have something rejected or deleted or if you’re put in the dreaded Facebook Jail?

Not much, unfortunately. File a report and/or request a review of the issue first. Then look over what you’ve posted or submitted to see any possible flags. Facebook is using AI to catch errors and since it’s not a person, it can get fooled on easy things. If your post or ad might have contained anything that could’ve been targeted as hate speech, absolutely do not repost or resubmit it.

The worst thing you can do once you’ve been flagged by Facebook is to become a repeat offender.

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