Everyone Loves the Holidays

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Merry Christmas!

Social media loves a holiday. Who even knew there was a Doughnut Day before social media was part of our lives?

The Christmas season is no different.

Every business, non-profit or organization should certainly take advantage of the holidays and use them to engage with their followers.

This isn’t called a busy season for nothing, most people are doing more of everything—cooking, shopping, cleaning, and consuming entertainment and ads more. That means they are also naturally on social media more too.

Events are planned on social media, many families converse about holiday plans there and confirm gifts were received.

This means social media is nosier than ever during the holidays, but it also means there’s more people you could possible reach as well.

Even if it’s just a simple, Merry Christmas, don’t miss the chance to let your audience know you’re thinking of them, especially on the biggest holiday of the year.

I wish each and every one of you reading a very Merry Christmas!

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