Engagement is the Name of the Game

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Have you noticed people are talking more on social media?

They are, though sometimes that talking is more like arguing, in the eyes of the algorithm, all engagement is good engagement.

Facebook and other social platforms reward posts that get people talking in the comments. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is civil or not though.

This is a time when social listening and knowing your ideal client is vital to success on social media. As issues divide many, it becomes more important to take a stand for your beliefs and values.

That is scary to many businesses, especially small businesses, but if you know your audience and you are authentic, you will benefit from being open and honest.

Your social accounts are more than just a place to advertise your business or organization, they are a chance to connect with your community. Even if your stand is one of tolerance of all views, you can make that stance on social media.

Don’t be scared when the comments take off, decide ahead of time what you’ll allow being said on your page and what you want and then delete comments that violate that standard.

Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to success on social media, and there’s no better way to earn engagement than by adding value to your community’s discussion on important issues.

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