Embrace live-streaming to reach more people

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Live-streaming is a powerful way to connect with your audience on social media.

It’s also growing in popularity. While younger audiences are particularly fond of live-streaming, like video, people of all ages tune in.

There are many options to live-stream on social media and even some platforms dedicated solely to it, like Twitch.

If you’ve ever seen a Facebook Live, that’s a live-stream. What’s really great about going live on social media, either in Facebook, Instagram or even Youtube, is that you can post the stream as a video for others to watch later.

Not only do you get the benefit of going live and attracting a live audience, but after you get the benefit of having video content to share, which almost always performs better than other types of content.

Don’t worry about looking super professional during a live-stream, people generally prefer them because they are real and not produced.

You can also interact with your audience in real time by going live on Facebook and Instagram and recieve instant feedback on what you’re saying and doing. This helps create a sense of intimacy with your audience and helps fans feel connected to your brand.

So take the plunge and go live!

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