Are you Listening?

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There’s so much talking going on in the world in normal time, but we are currently not living in normal time and as a result, the talking has really ramped up.

With everyone saying so much, is anyone listening?

If you’re a brand or organization online, right now is the best time to be listening. Notice what’s important enough to have your audience speak out passionately. Notice where your brand’s identity and purpose align with their thoughts and feelings.

Those commonalities are where relationships are made and relationships are what every brand should be trying to cultivate through social media. Relationships not only create loyalty to brands and customers but they enrich our lives.

So take time to listen to what your customers are saying right now, really listen, and then let them know you’re here to support them, let them know you care.

Make sure you mean it though, don’t say you care about something because it seems trendy to do so, be honest, today’s consumers see through lip service.

How can you listen to what your audience is saying? Join groups they are part of, follow hashtags they participate in, know who your ideal client is and follow a few of them on various social media platforms.

Or you could even do it the old fashioned way, and simply ask how your audience is dealing with current events. That takes bravery, but chances are most of your audience will be grateful you care enough to ask.

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