America says thumbs down for social media

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According to a poll ran by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News Americans don’t hold favorable views of social media companies.

They don’t trust Facebook, Twitter, and others to protect their privacy and private information, with Facebook receiving the worst results in regards to their trustworthiness.

Many who participated in the poll believed that social media is doing more to divide our country and unite it while making it easier to spread lies and mostly wasting American’s time.

What’s most interesting about these poll results is that the majority results were shared by people from all backgrounds. Also interesting that those polled feel upbeat and positive about technology and the changes it will bring in the future.

I think I probably share many of these thoughts myself. I don’t trust Facebook to protect private information at all. Especially as a social media marketer, I see first hand how they use your personal information to make money.

My advice has always been if you don’t want everyone to know something, don’t share it online…anywhere, but especially not on social media.

I think social media can be a great servant but a terrible master. Important conversations and connections need to be made offline, not on Facebook.

How about you? Do you have a negative or positive view of social media?

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