What Tires Are Right For Me? A Guide for Tire Decision Making, Part III

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In the previous weeks, we talked about tire brands, specs, and quality. This week, we will talk about tying it all together.

Okay, so, you know what kind of tread and longevity you need. You know what kind of creature comforts you want or don’t want in a tire. You know what your price range is. Now that we’ve sorted that out in previous installments, let’s finally answer that question of what tire is right for you.

Michelin – This is arguably the best tire brand for your money. Great longevity. Excellent warranty. A slew of options. Comfortable. You will, however, pay for what you get. Michelins are usually one of the most expensive tires we sell. Every customer we’ve had that bought one, however, never had a complaint.

Honorable mentions: BF Goodrich, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Nitto

Hankook, Uniroyal, and Cooper – These are my three picks for mid-range tires. I speak from experience, not just as a seller but as a buyer. I’ve had all three on our company van over the years. They are great. They don’t last quite as long on average, but they’re considerably better priced, and still pretty comfortable and quiet. Uniroyal is also our best-seller, so our customers tend to agree.

Honorable mentions: Sumitomo, Yokohama, Duro

If you’re in the market for a cheap tire, I have no real recommendations. Many of these brands come and go from my suppliers, which is understandable. At that price point, the brand name isn’t a consideration. Just make sure your tire is DOT approved and you should be fine.

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