What Matters When Picking Oil? Part 3

Image courtesy of TruckTrend.com

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So why does your owner’s manual say you have to use a specific brand? The PR answer is that they’ve engineered their engine to run well on those additives. The reality is that in order to get a discount on the millions of gallons of oil manufacturers have to buy to put in engines on the assembly line, they’ve struck a deal with Big Oil. Hyundai, for example, famously touts that you should use Quaker State in every oil change.

Here’s the problem with that – remember those trillions of dollars oil companies invest into R&D? That never stops. The oil itself doesn’t change much, but all those additives certainly do. The oil that a 2010 Hyundai claims its engine runs best on may not even exist anymore. Quaker State would be silly to think their oil is perfect and stop innovating.

So is brand important? Not really. As before, viscosity is the most important thing because that is the actual constant your engine is built around. It’s ok if all your local places only sell Castrol when the manual calls for Quaker State. The important thing is that you use 5W-30 when the book calls for 5W-30.

Of course, it doesn’t end there, does it? Synthetic, High Milage, Conventional, etc. What’s important there?

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