What is a like worth?

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Likes are a big deal on social media.

On Facebook, public pages can be liked, and those people become the majority of your followers.

Then there are likes on individual posts and other content like events, notes, pictures, etc. on Facebook, and each post can be liked on Instagram as well.

Those likes are likely going away. Well, not completely, but to the general public.

Facebook, who also owns Instagram, has been considering removing likes from the public view for a long time and has even performed beta testing on it.

Likes, reactions, and follows would still be visible to the page or account owner, but only behind the scenes. They wouldn’t be available to the public when they view a post or an account.

As it turns out, all likes are not worth the same. In the quest for more likes, many users have resorted to buying fake likes, and this has made it difficult for Facebook and Instagram to determine what is quality content.

Restricting the view of likes should help curb the number of fake likes and help quality content rise to the top of the algorithm.

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