What Can Investors Learn from Veterans?

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Each Veterans Day, we show our respect for the sacrifices our military veterans have made. And veterans can teach us a lot about how we conduct various aspects of our lives – such as investing.

For example, veterans have demonstrated perseverance. And as an investor, you’ll need to persevere in the face of volatile markets and short-term losses.

Veterans also know that their individual duties are part of a much larger landscape – namely, the security of their country. As an investor, you too need to think about the big picture. So each investment decision you make should contribute to your larger goals, such as a comfortable retirement.

Finally, veterans obviously have a sense of duty. And when you invest to preserve your financial independence, you’re showing your own sense of duty by helping relieve your grown children of the possible need to help support you in your later years.

On Veterans Day, do what you can to honor our veterans. And think about following their behaviors as you chart your own financial future.

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