Wine Tasting Part 2

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The smell of wine – amazing!!!  So many different smells. Our sense of smell really affects what we taste.  So how do we smell wine? Obviously, put the glass under your nose and take a whiff.  What else? The shape of the glass actually matters, concentrating the different aromas.  The “friendliest” shape of glass across the most wine types is the tulip shape, similar to what is used at Vintner’s.  Then swirl the wine and smell it. That helps to “wake-up” and gather the aromas. Once you do that it will be easier to identify what aromas you detect.  Smells can range from toast and tobacco to grass and floral. I personally like wines that smell like chocolate, coffee and dark berries. Everyone’s sense of smell is different and as individual as we all are.  You can only smell things you have been exposed to meaning 10 people smelling the same wine can smell 10 different things according to

So don’t be afraid to tell your friends what you smell – you can’t be wrong!  There are some very typical aromas that most people can detect while smelling wine largely because many different types of wine have shared characteristics. You are most likely to find smells of honey, apple, citrus and tropical fruits in various white wines, while smelling leather, jam, dark fruit and spice in red wines.  Start taking the time to smell what you are going to drink and enjoy it. Next, we explore taste, my favorite part!

At Vintner’s Hill we’d love to help you continue your wine journey.  Call us at 980-237-0457 or stop by for more information 7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.

Remember “Drink what you like and like what you drink” – Robert Mondavi

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Michelle Hitchcock
With a love of great wine, food and friends, Howard and Michelle Hitchcock have long enjoyed entertaining. Some of their most cherished memories are of times with friends and family enjoying each other's company, great conversation and an incredible wine. Having taken up a real interest in collecting and enjoying wine, the Hitchcock's hope to be able to share some of their knowledge and passion with Mint Hill. Cheers!