Two Quick Checkups for the Colder Months

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Now that Halloween is officially over and the holiday season has begun, you may have a lot of travel coming up. Perhaps you’re going to see some family for Thanksgiving, or maybe you’re taking a Christmas vacation next month. Either way, a car that can handle the colder months is crucial, and just like that turkey you’ll be cooking this Thanksgiving, the prep work is what makes the difference.

First and foremost, have your charging system checked, especially if you’re planning on visiting a colder climate like the New England states or even our local mountain range. Batteries and other charging components hate the cold, yet that’s when we need them the most. Is your battery testing healthy? Is it more than three years old? Is your alternator belt still in good shape, or is it cracked? Even if you plan on staying home this winter, having a good charging system is important in the cold.

Tires are another important factor in cold weather. You likely have an all-season tire equipped, and you should, we don’t see anywhere near enough snow to need winter tires. Even so, how’s your tread depth and wear? We may not get snow, but we do get a lot of black ice, and you’ll want as much traction as possible around that. Are you checking your tire pressures? Tire pressures fluctuate with temperature changes.

This week, we talked about some warning signs. Next week, we’ll talk about servicing your vehicle to prep your car.

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